What is May’s birthstone?

Emerald is a birthstone traditionally associated with the month of May. The word “emerald” is derived from the Greek word “smaragdus,” meaning green stone. In Sanskrit, it is known as “panna,” a bright green stone known for its beauty, vibrancy, and as a symbol of renewal and growth. They come in different colors, such as dark green, blue-green, and yellow-green. It is a member of the beryl mineral family.

Where can the emerald, May’s birthstone, be found? 

It is mainly found in areas including Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Russia, India, Pakistan, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the United States. Colombia holds the title of the highest production of emeralds, followed by Zambia as the second-largest producer, and so on. The rarest Trapiche emerald is also found in Colombia.

How are May’s birthstone and planets connected?

In Vedic astrology, ‘Panna,’ the birthstone of May, is connected with the planet Mercury. They also believe that the qualities Mercury possesses are very similar to those of the Panna Stone, which leads to enhanced decision-making, intelligence, sense of humor, communication skills, etc. It directly improves these qualities in the person wearing this gemstone.

May’s birth month planet

The stone emerald is traditionally tied to the planetary influence of Mercury. Sanskrit scriptures denote the planet Mercury by the name “budh,” derived from another Sanskrit word “budhi,” which means intelligence. Mercury takes only 88 days to make one complete revolution around the Sun, representing speed, which means those who fall into this category are quick thinkers, and graspers, and make initial decisions instantly. It is the planet of laughter. In astrology, it is mainly considered a factor in business and communication. When it comes to areas where calculation skills and effective speech are valued, Mercury is considered influential.

May’s birthstone:

 Emerald’s influence on communication skills leads to harmonious and fulfilling relationships. Its impact on brain function is to speed up learning processes and enhance knowledge acquisition. Strengthening attention span positively impacts concentration levels. As seen above, there are evident similarities between the characteristics of both.

Benefits of May’s birthstone according to the Zodiac sign

If we talk about the sun sign of the birth month of May, the most suitable stone is an emerald. The zodiac signs for the May month are Taurus and Gemini. It is also good for Virgo and Cancer. When the position of Mercury aligns correctly in your horoscope, it invites positive, good fortune, and abundant joy into your life.

Zodiac sign influence by Mercury

Panna is considered the birthstone of people born under Gemini, Taurus, and Virgo. These zodiac signs are influenced by Mercury. In Vedic astrology, wearing a Panna stone can bring good results to those with a strong and well-placed Mercury in their birth chart.

How durable is the May birthstone? 

Speaking about its hardness, it’s 7.5-8.0 on the Mohs scale, and its original shape is typically seen as a hexagonal prism. The durability of a Panna stone also depends on its quality.

Benefits of wearing the emerald stone

Panna stone is a symbol of love and trust. This gemstone is beneficial for strengthening your relationship, making you feel emotionally stronger, refining your communication skills, improving physical health, enhancing financial well-being, etc, Let’s discuss it in detail.

Academic progress

Panna stone is perfect for a wearer who has trouble paying attention or is easily distracted because it increases concentration. This makes it possible for people to focus and learn new things; it helps them gain knowledge, understanding, consciousness, and intelligence. So, it is very beneficial for students and people who need to improve their concentration and intelligence.

Communication skills

This gemstone helps the person communicate and express themselves more effectively. Wearers of this stone have the power to articulate their point of view, and their words can highly impact the other person. Because it helps master communication skills, it is called “The Stone of Communication.” It is very helpful to a person in fields like motivational speaking or any kind of speaking, radio jockeys, comedians, influencers, etc.

Business purpose

Emerald is known as the “stone of prosperity,” which stands for better income opportunities and financial growth. Wearing a high-quality panna can lead to increased financial growth and improve earning prospects. Wearers of this gemstone have calculative minds. Astrologers strongly advise wearing emeralds for those in banking, the stock market, finance, etc.

Effect on the brain

According to astrologers, the Panna stone positively affects creativity and imagination. The wearer of this stone can enhance their intelligence. It boosts your brain’s processing speed and opens up the doors for positive thoughts. It also helps you think logically and wisely. It improves your decision-making abilities. It’s incredibly helpful in calming the mind, easing stress, and promoting inner peace.


The May birthstone, “Emerald,” is a prized gemstone due to its deep symbolic meaning and unique qualities. “Smaragdus,” which means ‘green stone,’ is a symbol of vigor, development, and rebirth. Panna stones are highly valued for their uniqueness and beauty. May birthstones are primarily found in areas like Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, etc. In astrology, the emerald gemstone is associated with the planet Mercury, which improves communication, supports intellectual endeavors, creates wealth, and encourages good physical health and pleasant relationships. It has a profound effect on how the brain works since it quickens learning and increases creativity. Emerald’s importance in astrology is further highlighted by its correlation with zodiac signs, including Virgo, Cancer, Taurus, and Gemini.


How to wear an Emerald stone?

On the little and ring finger of the working hand. It should be placed in gold or silver, and you should come into contact with the Emerald. You can wear it in rings, bracelets, earrings, and pendants. Emeralds are most commonly worn in rings which are typically set in gold or silver for optimal effect. You should wear it on the little finger or the index finger of your right hand. Wearing an emerald bracelet on the left wrist is highly recommended to improve creativity and intuition.

How to clean an Emerald?

The stone is quite easy to maintain. Steam or ultrasonic cleaners should be avoided since these stones should be kept out of direct heat. Instead, water, mild soap, and a soft towel work great. Make sure you completely rinse off the soap before buffing the stone dry with a fresh, gentle cloth.

How to identify if it’s real?

First, check the sparkle. Unlike other gems, original emeralds do not glitter with flashes of rainbow colors, or “fire.” A real emerald shouldn’t exhibit strong color changes or brilliant sparkles when held up to the light. Second, look for flaws. Seek imperfections. Genuine emerald gemstones feature internal flaws known as inclusions that are visible to the naked eye or under a microscope.

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