Hessonite, also called “Gomed” in Hindi, is a type of garnet with a unique orange to brown color, often called “cinnamon stone” because of its color. It’s linked to the planet Rahu in Vedic astrology and is believed to bring good luck, health, and wealth, as well as peace of mind and protection from bad vibes. This stone is found in places like Sri Lanka, India, and Africa, and is popular for making jewelry and for its astrological benefits.

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Gemological Properties of Hessonite

Hessonite, also called “cinnamon stone,” is a special kind of garnet stone known for its honey-yellow to brown-red colors. Here are its main features made simple:

What’s in it: It’s mostly made of calcium, aluminum, and silicon, with a bit of manganese and iron to give it its color.

Hardness: It scores between 6.5 and 7.5 out of 10 on the hardness scale, making it pretty strong but not the hardest gem out there.

Shine: It has a special shine because of how it bends light, which makes it look really sparkly.

Weight and Density: It’s a bit heavier than water, but not as heavy as some other gems.

Color: Its color can range from light yellow-orange to deep cinnamon brown, and it’s known for having a unique, uneven color that can look like it’s moving or swirling inside.

Looks: Sometimes, it can look a bit cloudy inside because of its natural patterns, which gives it a cool, ‘oily’ look.

Natural Beauty: It’s usually not treated or changed to make it look better, which means what you see is what nature made.

Where it comes from: You can find hessonite in places like Sri Lanka, India, Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Tanzania, and some parts of the USA.

How it’s used: People use it in all kinds of jewelry, and some believe it has special powers in astrology.

Checking it out: Experts can tell it apart from other stones by looking at its shine, weight, and by using a magnifying glass to see its unique inside patterns.


Astrological Benefits of Hessonite

Calms You Down: It’s said to take away fear and worry, making you feel more clear-headed and calm.

Helps You Focus: Wearing this stone might make it easier for you to concentrate and not get distracted easily.

Brings Money: Some people believe hessonite can bring unexpected money your way and help you keep your finances steady.

Boosts Your Status: It’s thought to make people respect you more and increase your influence in social and work circles.

Keeps You Healthy: The stone is also said to help with digestion, give you more energy, and keep you safe from stomach-related illnesses.

Improves Relationships: It’s believed to make relationships better, bringing love and understanding between partners.

Protects You: Hessonite is supposed to protect you from bad vibes and the evil eye, acting like a shield around you.

Makes You Creative: If you’re into creative stuff, this stone might help you come up with new ideas and express yourself better.

Deepens Meditation: For those interested in meditation or spirituality, hessonite is said to help deepen your practice and connect more with yourself.

How Should Wear of Hessonite ?

Correct Finger and Metal: Hessonite should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand for right-handed people and the left hand for left-handed people. It is often set in a silver ring, although some astrologers also recommend gold or a five-metal alloy known as ‘Panchdhatu.’

Weight of the Gemstone: The weight of the Hessonite gemstone should be at least 1/10th of your body weight. For example, if you weigh 60kg, the gemstone should be at least 6 carats.

Purification and Activation: Before wearing the Hessonite ring, it should be purified and activated. This is usually done by washing the gemstone with fresh milk, honey, and pure water. After this, the ring is dried and then placed on a clean cloth or plate for the puja (worship ceremony).

Day and Time for Wearing: Hessonite should be worn on a Saturday as it is the day associated with Rahu, during the Vedic hour of Rahu Kalam. The exact timing can vary based on your geographic location and should be calculated according to local astrological charts.

Mantra Recitation: While wearing the ring, it is recommended to chant the Rahu mantra “Om Raam Rahve Namaha” 108 times to invoke the blessings of Rahu.

Intention Setting: Before wearing the gemstone, you should sit in a quiet place, hold the ring in your hand, and set a positive intention or prayer, asking for the benefits you wish to receive from the gemstone.

Consult an Astrologer: It is crucial to consult with a knowledgeable astrologer or gemologist before wearing Hessonite. The gemstone’s effects can vary based on one’s horoscope, and it might not be beneficial for everyone.

FAQs of Hessonite

What is Hessonite?

Hessonite is a pretty, honey-colored gemstone that comes from the garnet family. People wear it in jewelry, and it’s special in astrology.

Who should wear Hessonite?

If an astrologer says Rahu (a planet in astrology) is causing problems in your horoscope, wearing Hessonite might help. But, it’s not for everyone, so check with an astrologer first.

Benefits of wearing Hessonite:

People believe Hessonite can:

  • Make bad effects of Rahu go away.
  • Help you think clearer and feel stronger.
  • Protect you from bad vibes.
  • Bring good luck with money.
  • Make you more confident and happy.

How to tell if Hessonite is real?

A real Hessonite looks clear and honey-colored. It might have tiny marks inside but shouldn’t look cloudy or cracked. A trusted gemstone seller can help you find a real one.

Can I wear Hessonite every day?

Yes, you can wear Hessonite every day. It’s said to work best when worn all the time.

How do I take care of Hessonite?

Keep it clean with soapy water and a soft brush. Dry it with a soft cloth. Don’t let it touch harsh chemicals or get too hot or cold.

When should I wear Hessonite?

Saturday is a good day to start wearing Hessonite, during a special time called Rahu Kalam. Make sure to clean and prepare it in a special way first.

What good things does Hessonite bring in astrology?

It’s believed to clear up confusion, give you more confidence, help with your career, improve friendships, and support your spiritual growth.

Can I wear Hessonite with other gemstones?

Maybe, but ask an astrologer first. Some gemstones don’t go well together according to astrology.

How much does Hessonite cost?

The price can change a lot based on how the gemstone looks and where it comes from. The clearer and nicer it is, the more it might cost. Always buy from someone you trust to get a fair deal.

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