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Ruby is a precious gemstone with a vibrant red color, associated with passion and wealth. It’s a variety of corundum (aluminum oxide), second only to diamonds in hardness, with its color coming from chromium. The quality of a ruby is based on its color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Mined in Myanmar, Thailand, and Madagascar. Astrologically, ruby is linked to the planet Sun and the zodiac sign Leo, reflecting vitality and leadership.

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Gemological Properties

Chemical composition – Ruby is a variety of corundum, composed primarily of aluminum oxide (Al2O3) with chromium (Cr) impurities giving it the red color.

Hardness: On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, ruby ranks 9 out of 10, making it one of the hardest natural gemstones, second only to diamond. This high hardness makes it very resistant to scratching and suitable for everyday wear.

Refractive Index: The refractive index of ruby ranges from approximately 1.762 to 1.770, which contributes to its brilliant sparkle and depth of color. This property measures how much light is bent, or refracted, when entering the stone.

Density: Ruby has a specific gravity or density of about 3.97 to 4.05, which is a measure of the gemstone’s relative density compared to water.

Cleavage: Ruby does not have cleavage, which is the tendency of a mineral to break along flat planar surfaces. Instead, it fractures in a conchoidal or uneven manner, which contributes to its durability.

Optical Properties: Rubies can exhibit a phenomenon known as asterism, which is a star-like pattern seen on the surface of the stone when cut in a cabochon shape. This effect is due to the presence of rutile (titanium dioxide) inclusions. Rubies can also display fluorescence under ultraviolet light, enhancing their color.

Treatments: Many rubies undergo treatments to improve their color and clarity. Common treatments include heat treatment, which can intensify the red color and remove impurities, and filling fractures with lead glass to improve the stone’s appearance. Untreated rubies with excellent color and clarity are rare and highly valued.


Astrological Benefit of wearing ruby stone

Wearing a ruby gemstone, known as “Manik” in Vedic astrology, can bring a multitude of astrological benefits due to its strong connection with the Sun, which represents the soul, authority, and vitality in one’s life. Here are the key astrological benefits of wearing ruby, focusing on marital relationship improvement, leadership enhancement, confidence boosting, shielding from negative energies, and bringing prosperity.

Marital Relationship Improvement

Ruby’s vibrant energy strengthens the Sun’s position in the wearer’s horoscope, enhancing emotional understanding and warmth in marital relationships. It fosters love, mutual respect, and understanding between partners, helping to resolve conflicts and deepen the emotional connection. The Sun’s influence promotes loyalty and dedication, which are foundational to a thriving marital relationship.

Leadership Enhancement

The Sun is the epitome of leadership and authority. Wearing ruby enhances these qualities in an individual, making it an excellent stone for those in leadership positions or aspiring to be leaders. It instills a sense of responsibility, power, and the ability to make decisive and authoritative decisions. Ruby empowers individuals to lead with confidence and encourages the respect and recognition of peers and subordinates.

Confidence Boosting

Ruby is known for its ability to boost self-esteem and confidence. The stone’s association with the Sun fills the wearer with vitality, courage, and a positive outlook on life. This increased self-confidence allows individuals to tackle challenges head-on, express themselves more openly, and stand up for what they believe in. Ruby’s influence also helps overcome timidity and fear of criticism.

Shield from Negative Energies

Ruby is believed to have protective properties that shield the wearer from negative energies and psychic attacks. Its radiant energy acts as a barrier against negativity, ensuring that the individual remains unaffected by the malice or envy of others. This protection extends to safeguarding one’s aura and promoting spiritual strength, helping to maintain clarity of thought and emotional balance.

Bringing Prosperity

The luminous energy of ruby attracts abundance and prosperity. It is especially beneficial for those involved in businesses or careers where authority and influence play a significant role. By enhancing the leadership qualities and decision-making abilities, ruby helps in navigating through business challenges successfully. The gemstone also attracts wealth and helps in retaining it, contributing to overall financial stability and growth.

How to wear ruby stone ?

Wearing a ruby stone, according to Vedic astrology, requires following a specific ritual to ensure you receive the maximum benefits of the gemstone. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly wear a ruby:

Consult an Astrologer

Before wearing a ruby, it’s crucial to consult a knowledgeable astrologer. The astrologer will examine your horoscope to determine if ruby is beneficial for you based on the position of the Sun in your birth chart and the current planetary periods (Dasha).

Choose the Right Ruby

Select a high-quality, natural ruby. The stone should ideally be at least 1 carat in weight. Make sure the ruby is clear, well-cut, and vibrant in color for maximum astrological benefit.

Right Metal for Setting

Set the ruby in a gold or copper ring for the best results, as these metals enhance the stone’s astrological benefits. The metal choice may vary based on the astrologer’s advice.

Purify and Activate the Stone

Before wearing the ruby, it should be purified and activated. This can be done by soaking the ruby ring in a mixture of Ganga jal (holy water), raw milk, honey, and ghee for about 30 minutes to an hour. This process cleanses the stone of any negative energies and prepares it for activation.

Choose an Auspicious Day and Time

Wear the ruby on a Sunday, which is ruled by the Sun, during the Shukla Paksha (the waxing phase of the moon). The most auspicious time to wear the ruby is within an hour of sunrise. Consult with your astrologer to select the most auspicious date and time according to your personal horoscope.

Perform the Ritual

On the chosen day and time, take a bath early in the morning and dress in clean clothes. Sit facing the east direction, and place the ring in front of you on a red cloth. Light a Diya (lamp) and incense sticks to create a positive and purified environment. Pray to the Sun God, offering red flowers, and recite the Sun mantra “Om Suryaya Namah” 108 times to invoke the blessings of the Sun.

Wear the Ring

After completing the prayers and mantra recitation, take the ring from the red cloth and wear it on the ring finger of your right hand. This finger is associated with the Sun as per Vedic astrology.

Make a Resolution

Upon wearing the ring, make a positive resolution or a vow that you aim to fulfill. This step is believed to enhance the personal significance and astrological impact of the ruby.

Regular Care and Recharging

Regularly clean the ruby ring with a soft brush and mild soap water to maintain its clarity and energy. It’s also beneficial to recharge the gemstone by exposing it to early morning sunlight periodically.

By following these steps, you ensure that the ruby is worn in a manner that maximizes its astrological benefits, enhancing your personal energy, leadership qualities, and overall prosperity.

Ruby Stone Quality

Ultra Premium Quality Ruby

Color: The most desirable deep color,often described as “pigeon’s blood” red. The color is evenly distributed with high saturation.

Clarity: Exceptionally clear with minimal inclusions. Any inclusions present are barely noticeable and do not detract from the stone’s brilliance or transparency.

Surface Texture: Perfectly smooth and well-polished, exhibiting a high luster.

Premium Quality  Rubies

Color: Bright and rich red, though it may not have the same level of saturation or uniformity as the ultra-premium grade. The red color is still intense and attractive.

Clarity: Minor inclusions are present but do not significantly impact the stone’s beauty or brilliance. The inclusions are less noticeable and do not detract significantly from the overall appearance.

Surface Texture: High-quality polish with minimal surface flaws. Any imperfections are not prominent and do not affect the stone’s overall appeal.

Regular Quality Rubies

Color: Medium red, possibly with some uneven color distribution or slightly less vibrancy. The color is less intense and may lean towards pinkish or purplish red.

Clarity: Noticeable inclusions that might affect transparency and brilliance but are not overly detrimental to the stone’s appearance. These inclusions are more apparent than in the higher grades.

Surface Texture: Adequate polish, though some surface imperfections are visible upon closer inspection.

Economical Quality Rubies

Color: Lighter red or with significant color zoning. The color lacks depth and may not be as vibrant or evenly distributed.

Clarity: Numerous visible inclusions that can significantly impact the stone’s clarity and overall appearance. These inclusions are easily visible and may affect the stone’s transparency.

Surface Texture: The polish might be lower in quality, with more noticeable surface blemishes or irregularities


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